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Holy Friday Lamentations 

يا يسوع الحياة - فيروز

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Anonymous: are u jewish

No. Why do you ask? 

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What will you do when the next potato famine hits though? D:

hopefully be able to afford more food

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because I had to pay 5 bills at once I’m going to keep living on potatoes until may, so

my feelings lately are

  1. potatoes are cool
  2. share your Easter basket with me
  3. increased alienation
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I’ve always liked Mayakovsky. He is a sort of continuation of Dostoievsky. Or rather, he’s a Dostoievsky character writing lyrical poems—one of his young rebels, the ‘Raw Youth’ or Hippolyte or Raskolnikov. What an all-devouring poetic energy! And his way of saying a thing once and for all, uncompromisingly, straight from the shoulder! And above all, with what daring he flings all this in the face of society and beyond, into space!
― Boris Pasternak, Doctor Zhivago (via mayakovsky)
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